Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have learned a lot

I am still not giving up, and I put all my free time and energy resources to learn something new about Ruby on Rails. I have learned what are Models, Controllers and Views for. I knew it, from the theoretical side much earlier, but while reading the book (which by the way was written with a lot of thought) I am starting to see much broader scope of this whole Rails framework.

I have also learned working with databases. However I still do not know which one should I use? Should it be SQLite 3 due to its simplicity or maybe MySQL because of its better performance. If you have some thoughts on this issue I will be glad to to read them.

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  1. Use sqlite3 for now. It's much simpler and you should focus now on learning Rails and not on learning how to install/configure mysql. You will have time for that later.

    You won't notice any performance difference, I promise :)

    Good luck!